Ipswich Colour Dash 2017 - Simon Townsend Photography


EACH Ipswich Colour Dash - Christchurch Park

This years event was the first I have attended and it was with some trepidation to be honest - not because of the event itself but due to some horror stories about photographic gear being damaged and subsequently needing repair (£££ ) by the coloured powders!

Thankfully this never came to pass and my gear seems to have remained intact.

I think its a case of being as prepared as you can be, knowing what you should and should not do - like NOT changing lenses! Harder to do if you just have the one camera granted, but as I nearly always work with two camera bodies when I am shooting events, it's not so much of an issue for me, thankfully :)

I also used some basic protection on the cameras and tried to shoot where I could 'up wind'.

Like many things, being prepared and minimising risk at the off will always pay you back.


EACH (East Anglian Children's Hospices) is a registered charity that provides care and support for children and young people.

They provide a family-centred, needs-led approach to care, ensuring all of the needs of the children and young people in their care are met - whether psychological, physical, emotional, social or spiritual.

Last year they raised a staggering £150,000 from Colour Dash events which is an absolutely fantastic achievement !!

Other colour dashes are planned throughout this summer and can be viewed on their website here 


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