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I could ramble on here about what my pictures say to me and about me, what inspires and motivates me etc, blah, blah, blaaa (Vlad just puts it so well) but I will refrain!

So here is the short version… "I enjoy taking and making photographs" Pictures that I hope others will enjoy too. 


Still reading? :)

OK, the longer version then... 

Why did I get into it? "It was my Grandad!"  He was a keen amateur and he shared his enthusiasm with me, and it just kind of stuck.

When I started taking pictures lets just say 'digital' was not a word associated with photography unless you happened to be taking pictures of a computer!

Celluloid film, paper and smelly chemicals were my memory cards etc of that time, and the closest I got to having an 'instant picture' was courtesy of a polaroid back!

I studied photography at college and worked for a bit as a photographic assistant in the West End (London) and had a great time doing so.

I had some commercial success in my 'film' days for various publications although I have to say seeing my pictures in national newsprint editorial for the first time was a complete rush for me ! :)

Some were published in the now defunct 'Independent' Sunday paper - and I should say at this point, purely from a legal perspective that "any connection between my photographs being published therein and the papers demise are wholly unsubstantiated"

Besides the Observer is still going strong. So at worst and on that basis, it’s hypothetically a 50/50 hit rate for me.

Time I moved on to the next paragraph I think…

In spite of some early success my life then took something of a turn for me and I started working in IT and photography took more of a back seat. 

In time though the two would unite; rekindling my avidity for taking pictures.

As a medium photography moved forward during this period of my life, just as computing and mobile devices did, and continue to do so.

This 'new' way of shooting led me 17 years or so ago to start dabbling with digital cameras and eventually 'Go Digital'

Yes it's true… I came out of the darkroom! :)

My family and friends were all incredibly supportive of my 'change', or perhaps it would be better to say 'nearly always.' My wife does get somewhat edgy when I buy new expensive piece of photo gear - but this is normally balanced by her buying a new pair of shoes (or two, or three).

The improvements in technology, software and battery life all helped my transition in that respect (the cameras, not me)

So I am now fully digital (and again to reiterate, the cameras, not me) 

What do I like?

I enjoy shooting and viewing most subjects and styles, but I do get a buzz from Street & Event photography.

It's unscripted and relies solely on my ability to find a shot.

There is an assumption that street photography is a relatively new genre, but it's not by any means, in fact as soon as the limitations of early photography (long exposures, very still subjects etc.) were exorcised, street, urban, social documentary, however you want to tag it, has been practised by photographers the world over.

There are of course some earlier examples but it was really about the early 1900's that it became more developed, more acceptable, more mainstream.

Ironically perhaps this makes it one of the oldest genres of photography not an upstart! 

If you're (still) feeling nerdy follow this link for a photographic evolution timeline .

A self set project, born out of a few shots that I initially took has become an ongoing one for me and will continue for a while yet is focused on  our  'smartphone, media driven' world and highlights our interaction and sometimes our dependency (bordering on addiction?) in todays society.

Some of my work on this project can be viewed here

To sum up, as I fear I may now be rambling, all of this photography lark (for me) boils down to

'Being able to capture a great moment...'

It's this that gives me the impetus to go and try and get another and another...

Getting 'it' imparts a great sense of personal accomplishment, satisfaction and happiness in me.

It did when I first started out and has never diminished! 

So if you see something in my galleries that you like…Great! (please feel free to comment, I would love to hear from you)

If you wish to contact or commission me or just want to say Hi,  please get in touch via the "contact me" form, selectable from the sites menu.

Thanks for stopping by...



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