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First thoughts

Worth mentioning here before you carry on reading is this... If you are after a technical comparison STOP right here.

This isn't one of them. There are plenty of this type of review already out there (have a look at DPReview, Ken Rockwell etc. they all have some great write ups).

This is very subjective and purely cover my initial thoughts about the X100S, its ergonomics, ease of use, and what I have been able to produce with it.

It is a very capable camera and used properly shouldn't give you a bad shot. Photographers, (myself included) on the other hand are more than capable in this respect!  :)   

If you, like me have a passion for retro design this camera is not going to disappoint. I personally love the styling, its 'old school' silver and black design setting it apart from the crop of all black designs. It feels solid and robust in the hand with a high quality finish throughout,  not surprising given the hefty price tag one of these would have set you back if you were buying it new. 

(N.B you can pick this up on eBay for around £350-£500 so they are holding their value reasonably well.)

I can't readily compare it to my other cameras (they are all DSLRs) and this is was never intended to be a replacement for them, I just wanted to have a camera that I could have with me without lugging all my kit with me everywhere, all of the time.

My only small concern because it has a fixed 23mm f/2 (35mm equivalent) optic, is it may end up stylising shots I take with it - this is something I will just need to watch out for I guess.

Mode wise theres not as many as some on the market but if like me you are more likely to only use AE or Manual this is not something I would miss or use anyway.

That said I have been impressed with the Fuji's P mode, so I may dabble with it - lets just say the jury is out for the time being.

Simplicity is strong point in the Fuji's favour, the dials are well laid out and easy to get used to.

I will add a few more pics to this post as I continue using it (I really want to get some street shots some time soon) but here's a taster of what you can get out of it ;)

X100S - 1/500sec @ f/2 - Edited in LR with B&W conversion 

Having the lens wide open gave me a pleasing depth of field, setting off the flowing lines of this Ferrari alloy. (Not entirely sure I could even afford one of the wheel nuts off this beast!)

I think Chase Jarvis really hit the nail on the head in his review of the X100S when he stated that this camera is "brutally simple and highly effective."

And I could not agree more with that sentiment.

(The link to Chase's review and that of Ken Rockwell are available at the end of this page)

Below is a small selection of shots I have taken with the X100S - I'm generally happy with it, however you need to accept that a leaf shutter has limitations in manual mode when trying to combine high shutter speeds ( > 1/1000th sec), having the lens wide open and using the higher ISO settings and/or exposure compensation.

This is simple mechanical physics, due to the leaf shutter and aperture combination - it cannot open the aperture and fire the shutter quickly enough at speeds > than 1/1000th of a sec :(

What it means in practice is that you need to make allowances for it - no biggie, but it will save you from taking too many over exposed shots!                     

Camera Review links for the X100S...

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